I’m a creative excited to experiment with new technologies and deconstruction to bring stories to life through pictures and film. Based in London, I’m originally from Portugal - the land of “saudade”, an emotion I carry into my work with a mix of nostalgia and rawness. The common thread in my work seems to be the obscure nature, translated not just literally but also exploring the human side of it, and drawing most of my inspiration from archive photography, cinema (the 80’s and 90’s) and the occult.

I have a background in both Fashion Design and Styling, having worked for PARQ magazine (based in Lisbon) before moving definitely to London in 2016, found my passion and dedicated myself to photography and film. After graduating last year, I have been working as a freelance creative - assisted with casting and production for London Fashion Week (Osman SS20, Luke Azzopardi SS20, Mithridate AW20), Boiler Room, Kowtow, etc. and as a photographer assistant to Gomez de Villaboa, assisting with productions for Schön magazine, Attitude magazine, Edward Crutchley and others.

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